Link Tracking in Kapost - How does it Work?

What are Links in Kapost?  In analytics, we track "Links"

When you write good content, other websites or blogs will point to your content by adding a link to it. These are what Kapost is tracking under "Links".  They are very important to SEO as Google uses links as one of the primary factors to determine where they list your page in their search results. 

Some details about our tracking:

  • Web "Links" in Kapost do not refer to social links from Twitter or Facebook as those specific links are displayed in the under the relevant platforms in your analytics area, or under social-media specific stats in Insights.
  • Kapost can only track links on for content where the Kapost tracking javascript has been added, which happens automatically when publishing directly from Kapost, through an integration, to common blog platforms.  We do not insert our analytics code into documents or images, so it is hard for us to track as those don't include our analytics code. 
  • If you send out a Twitter or Facebook message from Kapost and you put a URL in this post, we will shorten the link and track the clicks on it.  This is different than these Links.  Those metrics will be on the content page and near the "Promotions" area, and are not referred to on the analytics page under the "Links" section. 

Please contact us if you have any specific questions about Links. 

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