Remove Members

To delete a user, go to the members tab from the top navigation bar. 

Check the box next to the user(s) to be remove. Click the More button and choose remove from [Your Instance Name].  



Many people have questions about what happens when you delete a user.  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions:

- You can remove a user from Kapost at the org level by using the "remove" action from the dropdown. This will completely remove the user from Kapost.  If you wish to just remove a user from select child instances, you can do this at the Org level using the "Manager instance membership" tool in the dropdown.  To read more about Org membership and how to navigate the Org, click here.

- If you wish to merge a soon-to-be deleted user's tasks and content with another user, you can use the reassign tasks and workflows tool in the members page.  This will reassign all planned or in-progress workflow tasks from one member to another within the member's page. Planned and in-progress content and initiative assets will be updated along with tasks in workflow templates in settings. 

- A deleted user will retain its "Creator" status on anything they created.  However, they are removed from tasks/templates/owners on the front end. These assignments will appear blank.  Please note, that data is still stored on the backend should they ever need to be re-added

- If you click on a link to a user's name in your instance (you will still see a linked name in the "creator" column on your Content Catalogue, for instance), you will be taken to that user's profile, but will be unable to edit it.

- It is not possible to filter by a deleted user in a content search

- A re-added user will not be re-added to all of their previous tasks and assignments.  They will need to be re-added manually.


If you have any other questions about deleting members, feel free to contact us at

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