Create an Idea From Studio

Creating an idea requires that you specify a name for the idea, the content type for the idea, and a description of the idea. The Create New drop down menu is available at the top of your screen from any tab within Kapost. You can also create an idea from within a initiative.

Another way to submit an idea in Kapost is to create a crowd source form. This is for members outside of Kapost to submit an idea that will result in an idea asset within Kapost (there are no licensing implications when using a crowd sourcing form).

Steps to create an Idea

  1. Select Create  from the top navigation menu, then select idea.
  2. Select Next. 
  3. Enter an Idea title.
  4. Select the correct Content Type from the dropdown menu. 
  5. Enter the idea details.
  6. Choose if you'd like to add it to an existing initiative.
  7. Click Create. The message below will display. 

To edit the idea click the hyperlink View this Idea or go to the idea tab and click on the idea title.

From there you will be able to complete idea by:

  1. Adding more detail with pictures and hyperlinks.
  2. Tagging the idea with the correct custom field data. 
  3. @mentioning other Kapost members using the activity feed


When you submit an idea, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation that your idea was successfully submitted after you click Submit.


You’ll be notified via email when your idea is either approved or rejected.


Depending on users’ notification settings, they’ll receive an email when someone in their organization submits an idea.



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