About Kapost's WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Plugin is necessary to do the following:

  1. Associate posts with the correct writer. The emails of the Kapost user and the WordPress user must match. 
  2. Send images marked as "featured" inside Kapost to be recognized and marked as featured in WordPress.
  3. Work correctly with Custom Post Types
  4. Send over the user's bio from Kapost to WordPress. When publishing to WordPress, this option will set the CMS User's bio to be the same as the author's bio.  This needs to be turned on both in Kapost (on by default in the App Center) and in the WordPress plugin. 
  5. Send over the user's social data from Kapost to WordPress

Please note: If you are using a WordPress Multi-site, you need a different plugin, which is available via your Customer Success Manager. Please note, this patch is not found on the WordPress plug-ins menu and must be added manually.

If you are not using a multi-site, proceed as detailed below.

To install the Kapost plugin through your WordPress Library, go to your WordPress admin area and do the following: 

  1. On the left side menus in WordPress, go to the "Plugin" area and click on "Add New"
  2. In the area to do a search for plugins, type in "Kapost"
  3. The Kapost plugin will appear. It's titled "Kapost Social Publishing Byline" - click "Install" and it will go into your WordPress. Be sure to activate the plugin and depending on your theme, you will need to enter your FTP username and password.
  4. Once installed, there will be settings available for the plugin.  Look at the Settings area in WordPress to adjust them. 
  5. The three options are: (1) that allow for a new user to be created; (2) allow for user bio and social fields to be updated on each publish; (3) Update the user's photo in WordPress to be the photo from Kapost.  This third option requires a specific plugin (the user-photo plugin). 

The WordPress plugin can be extended to gain highly custom configurations. 1.9.6 is the new plugin version that is now available and this document outlines how the plugin can be extended. Please contact your Kapost CSM to move forward with the plugin extension. 

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