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Kapost connects with a variety of different blog CMS's so you can push your content, images, videos, fields, etc. over from Kapost to sync into your blog. The CMS's listed below are the ones we connect to out of the box. If you have a custom CMS, we use XMLRPC to make the connection, so with some work on your end, it is also possible for a custom integration.

Please note - each blog we connect to requires different components in terms of scope, setup, and fields that may or may not sync. We have provided details below in terms of what works and what doesn't as each CMS has different requirements or pieces that don't integrate with Kapost.

  1. WordPress (details) and WordPress Plugin (details)
  3. Drupal (Drupal6 and Drupal7)
  4. Joomla (details)
  5. TypePad (details)
  6. SquareSpace - only Squarespace5 (details)
  7. Tumblr
  8. Expression Engine 2.x
  9. LifeType
  10. Blogger (note, you will need to update your Google security settings -
  11. Jive (details)
  12. Custom CMS (using XML-RPC) (details)

To begin your integration, follow the directions in this article on the App Center - it will guide you through the first part of your integration.  You will also need to follow the additional details, if any, linked to in the list above.  Once you have followed the directions above and connected your CMS to Kapost, it is required to associate this destination with a content type - otherwise you will not be able to publish.

Here you will select a "Primary Destination" for each of your content types. A "Destination" is a CMS that you have connected to Kapost.  All of your destinations will show up as an option on the drop down under Primary Destinations.

In the image above, "Jace Test Blog" CMS is chosen as a Primary Destination for the Content Type "Blog Post." This means that for any post that is the Content Type "Blog Post," you can now be able to publish to the Jace Test Blog.


Kapost integrates with the free the same way it does with any other blog hosting site, with a few limitations. does not allow plugins, so you will not be able to install our social byline plugin, which which allows authors' names to be synced over from Kapost, and you will not experience analytics.

If you would like to experience these features, we suggest you upgrade to a paid WordPress or WordPress VIP account. Please contact support at Kapost dot com if you have any questions.

If you have any questions about your integration, don't hesitate to contact us at support at 

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