Integrate with Expression Engine

This will describe how you should connect your Kapost instance with Expression Engine.  Note: Kapost only supports version 2.x of Expression Engine.

There are four steps - please note, the first, second and fourth steps should be done by a developer. 

First, in your Expression Engine 2.x CMS, you need to make sure that the MetaWeblogAPI module is installed.  You can check by clicking on "Add-On's" and then "Modules".  In the list of modules, you should see the module listed there: 

Second, you should select an Expression Engine member to use for Kapost Integration.  This should be an EE member that has the access capabilities to view all posts and to the MetaWeblogAPI.  They should also be able to upload files to the EE directory.  This is the user you will use to connect Kapost and EE with. 

Third, connect your Kapost instance to EE.  Go to Kapost, click on "Settings" and then click on the "App Center" tab. There you'll see a button labeled "Add a new CMS", click that.  In the dropdown choose "Expression Engine".  You'll now see the correct fields needed to connect your site.  Enter in your username, password, site URL and your "endpoint."

Note that the Endpoint can be found in Expression Engine in the Metaweblog API module.  If you click on the module, it will be listed right there. 

Fourth, you can install another extension in EE that will allow the author names to be adjusted to the author names in Kapost.  When a post is published in Kapost, it will look for that same user in EE.  Kapost will match the users based on email address.   If that user does not exist, the extension will create a new user in EE.  To get this extension into EE, go to our plugins page and download the plugin labeled "Expression Engine" to this address [SITE ROOT]/[admin]/expressionengine/third_party   Once that is completed, go to the Add-On's area and click on "Extensions".  You should see the new extension there.  You'll need to click "enable" on it to make it work. 

You are now ready to use Kapost with Expression Engine.  Email us at support at if you have any questions. 

Note: Kapost only supports version 2.x of Expression Engine.

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