Integrate with Moveable Type

If you have a Moveable Type CMS, you can easily integrate it with your Kapost instance.  To do so, first go to Kapost's "Settings" area.  Once there, click on the "App Center" tab.  This is the page that will allow you to connect your site.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "Install More Apps."

On the App Page, click the tile that says "Moveable Type."

After choosing which instance you would like to integrate Movable Type with, you will be taken back to the App Center. A window will appear asking for your Moveable Type credentials.  Please note, you must have admin level access to connect to Moveable Type in Kapost.

The trickiest part is getting your Web Services Password.  You can get this by logging into Moveable Type and clicking on your username in the top right corner.

When you are on your user page, scroll down to the bottom to the "Preferences" section.  Your Web Services password will be there.


Go back to Kapost and copy it and paste the password into the relevant field on your integration window on Kapost.

Once you've finished entering your information, click "Connect" and your instance will be connected.  Make sure you assign your Moveable Type blog as a destination on one of your HTML content types.

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