Syncing Categories in Drupal

Within Drupal 7 you can select the specific categories you would like to properly sync back into Kapost.
First, head to the Kapost Blog API Settings. Each content type has a dropdown labeled "categories." There you will denote where you would like to map your categories to. This is an important first step.

Next, you will go to the Kapost Module in Drupal, which will allow you to select per node type (e.g. article, blog, etc.) which taxonomy categories you want to select. Select all the check boxes that apply. It will look similar to this:

Once you have selected both of these within your instance of Drupal, you will want to sync them in Kapost.

Head to your Kapost Settings and click the Content tab. On the Content tab you will see an area where you can sync your categories. If you have multiple node / post types, then you will want to sync both of them. Click the button that says "Update Categories". Once doing so, you will see the latest time it was synced. If you change anything in Drupal with your categories, you will need to do this again (syncing in Kapost).

If you're using Drupal 8, when you pull in Categories it will only pull from the Taxonomy that is associated with the category field that you selected in the Kapost "module" settings.


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