Integrate with Lithium

Lithium is a Social Customer Community Software that allows to you publish blog posts and other content for fellow users in your Lithium instance to share and participate in.  To learn more about Lithium, check out their website.

To integrate with Lithium, open up your App Center in Settings and click "Install More Apps."  Choose Lithium, and choose the instance you wish to hook it up to.

You will be taken back to your instance, and an integration pop-up will appear.  Fill out your Lithium authentication credentials in the window and click "connect."


A pop-up will appear asking you which of your blogs you wish to connect to.  Choose the blog you would like to match to this connection.  

Please note, for each blog you want to connect, you need to add a separate connection.

Now you can post to Lithium.  Add Lithium as a primary destination to a content type with an HTML body type.

Please note:  At this time, Lithium only allows you to send text over from Kapost.

Once you've created your post, choose Lithium as your publish destination when you are ready to publish.

When a user publishes content from Kapost to Lithium, Kapost will make the "Assigned To" user in Kapost the author of the post in Lithium.  If the Assigned To user does not exist in Lithium, the author will default to the user the client used to connect Kapost to Lithium. 


Lithium labels

If you want to publish labels on your lithium content, you need to create a custom field.  It should be a Multiple Select custom field, and the field name should be kapost_lithium_labels.  Make the values your list of labels.

Lithium Excerpts

We also support excerpts - for excerpts, all you need to go into Settings and make sure the Excerpts feature is on in Kapost.  Just go to Settings -> Content and under Features turn on "excerpts."


If you have any questions, email us at

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