Preview a Post in Wordpress

Kapost allows admin and editor users to preview their Wordpress content in Kapost before publishing it to Wordpress.  To enable this feature:

1) Upgrade your Kapost Social Publishing Byline plugin within Wordpress to version 1.9.6 Whenever you integrate Kapost with Wordpress, we require you to install a plugin. To add or upgrade your plugin, log into your Wordpress instance and go to your dashboard  Under plugins, find the Kapost social publishing byline, and upgrade to the 1.9.6



2) On the Settings page for this plugin, enable Turn Preview On/Off

3) In Kapost, go into your App Center menu and refresh your connection to the appropriate Wordpress site by clicking edit and save (do NOT remove and re-add your connection).


Once these steps are complete, you will see a Preview option under the More button on the Content page.  To preview your content during the creation process, simply click Preview.


A box will appear prompting you to pick the destination for your preview if you have more than one blog available.  Choose the Wordpress blog you would see.

A preview of your post should a appear in a new window.

Note: Kapost previews will create draft versions of your content in your Wordpress instance.  This is the reason that contributors cannot access Preview. The draft versions will be removed once the content is ultimately published from Kapost.



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