Whitelisted HTML Tags

Due to security measures we do not allow the ability for certain HTML tags to be inserted into our platform. Below is the list of tags that you can use:

Allowed Tags Allowed Attributes
'a' ['href', 'title', 'target', 'style', 'class', 'bitlyhref', 'name', 'id']
'blockquote' ['cite', 'style']
'center' []
'col' ['span', 'width', 'style']
'colgroup' ['span', 'width', 'style']
'img' ['align', 'alt', 'height', 'src', 'style', 'title', 'width', 'featured']
'ol' ['start', 'type', 'style']
'q' ['cite', 'style']
'table' ['summary', 'width', 'style', 'border', 'cellpadding', 'cellspacing', 'bgcolor', 'class', 'align', 'valign']
'td' ['abbr', 'axis', 'colspan', 'rowspan', 'width', 'style', 'bgcolor']
'th' ['abbr', 'axis', 'colspan', 'rowspan', 'scope', 'width', 'style']
'tr' ['style']
'ul' ['type', 'style']
'embed' ['allowfullscreen', 'allowscriptaccess', 'height', 'src', 'type', 'width', 'style', 'id', 'class']
'object' ['height', 'width', 'data', 'type', 'style', 'id', 'class']
'param' ['name', 'value']
'span' ['thread', 'class', 'style', "data-caption"]
'p' ['style']


All other HTML or JavaScript tags will be stripped out.


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