Archive Content and Initiatives

Archiving content and initiatives is about as close to deleting content as you can get without actually deleting it.  Things to know:

1. Archived content and initiatives are in read-only, so nobody in your instance will be able to edit it unless you un-archive it first.

2. You will not see content assets or initiatives anywhere except in the Archived folder and custom reports, or in one of your "recently viewed" lists on your Dashboard.

3. Kapost WILL keep running analytics on archived content.  For more information on analytics on archived content, please read this article.

Find Archived Content and Initiatives
Find your archived content by clicking on the content tab on the side nav bar, click the filter symbol on the top right side, click content details, filter by content status: Archived. 

If you want to come back to this view simply save that view in the dropdown menu at the top. 

Find your archived initiatives by clicking on the initiative tab on the side nav bar, click the filter symbol on the top right side, click Initiative details, filter by initiative status: Archived. 

Archive and Unarchive Content and Initiatives

To archive a piece of content, go into that piece of content and click on the More dropdown menu. Select Archive.

To archive an initiative, go to that initiative and click the pencil icon then click the Archive button. Note: The content in that initiative will not be archived and we will still be tracking analytics on those assets.

You can also bulk archive content or initiatives from their respective catalogs.  Simply check all of the pieces of content or initiatives you wish to archive, go to the Bulk Actions dropdown menu, and choose Archive.

To unarchive assets, find it in the Archived folder for content or initiatives (explained above) and select it. Click the Unarchive button. 

Please note: The Archived filter lives under the status filter in the calendar and content catalog. Unlike other status filters, you must use it as a stand-alone filter. It is not possible to filter archived content along with content that is not archived.

Example: You can filter for both Published and Promoted content at the same time, but not Archived and Promoted.


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