Content Catalog: Columns

What Is This Feature?

Columns are the categories of information in your content catalog, like Title, Creator, and Stage. The columns icon is circled below.


You have a number of different column options to apply to your content views:


How It Helps

Columns are part of the Saved Views you create to quickly navigate to the content operation details that are most relevant when you need them.

Select the columns that appear in certain views when you look at your content catalog in Kapost to show you just the information that you’re looking for.

Best Practices

  • Columns are an important part of setting up a Saved View for yourself and/or team members. Customize your columns for views so they show you the information you need when you need it.
  • Select the columns that, when used together, provide the key insights you need. For example, the columns for Title, Content Type, Next Task, Next Task Owner, and Next Task Deadline will give you a view of what people in your organization are currently working on and the deadlines they’re working toward.

How It Works

Click on the columns icon to open a list of column options you can apply to your content catalog view.

Check or uncheck the boxes for the columns that you’d like to see on a particular view, and your catalog will update immediately. Your selected columns appear at the top of the list in this menu.


At the bottom of the columns list, there’s a button called Reset Columns. Click it to apply the columns that are designated for that Saved View.

Note that Kapost Admins must select the custom fields that show up as column options in your catalog. Do this in your custom fields settings area:





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