Create a Content View: Column Selector

Selecting the Column Selector icon will display a list of columns to use in creating a content view. The icon is the 4 lines on the right side of the page. See below:

  • The columns that are currently displaying in the default view named All Content display a checkmark to indicate they are selected.
  • The next set of column names are populated from the default instance.
  • The remaining set of column names are populated based on the custom fields created by your Kapost admin in your instance.
  • Menu options Any Task Deadline and Any Task Owner are available for filtering the content view by specifying any shared deadline or task owner.

When you click the column selector icon, you can select the columns you would like to display. You can drag the columns and put them into any order you would like. If you do not want to see a column simply uncheck the box next to it.

You can save the view once you have selected the desired columns. 

It is important to note that admins must select the option below to have the custom field as an option for a column. To do this, go to settings -> Custom Fields-> select the option to "Display in content tab selector" -> Click Save. 


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