Create a New Content Type

Steps to create a new content type:

1. From the left navigation menu, select Content Types and Workflow.
2. Select New Content Type.
3. Enter the Display Name (Title of Content type displayed for users).
4. Enter the Field Name (post-type= value) If Not syncing to a destination, input the same text as the display name
5. Select the Body Type

  • HTML
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Document
  • Any file type
  • No Body
  • Eloqua Landing Page
  • Eloqua Email
  • Marketo Landing Page
  • Marketo Email
  • Event
  • Google Drive
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Webinar
  • Pardot Email

6. Select any appropriate publishing destination(s) 
7. Select any appropriate promotional destination(s)
Note: No destinations will show if you are not connected to those destinations in the App Center.  You can only choose destinations that are compatible with the body type. Ex: You can only select Youtube as a primary destination if the body type = video. 
8. Select all allowed publishers
9. Click Save Changes

Custom Fields and Workflow
To build the rest of your content type you will want to select the custom fields and workflow tasks you would like to show up every time you create this type of content.

Select the Custom Field menu and select all custom fields to add to the content type Use the X to delete any unwanted custom fields. Drag and Drop to re-order custom fields. Click Save Changes. Learn how to create custom fields here

Steps to Add the Workflow
1. Click the New task button to add a workflow task to the workflow. 
2. Click and hold on a task/status name to drag and drop the task/status in the desired sequential order position.
3. Click the trashcan icon to remove a task/status no longer required.
4. Click the edit task icon (pencil) to:

  • Change the name of the task
  • Change/establish the name of the task owner Set this value only if the owner will always be the same for this content type’s task. If not, then let this value be established at the individual asset level.
  • Establish a smart deadline
  • Establish smart task or Completed by requirement

5. Click Save Changes

Steps to Add a Workflow Task:

  1. Click the new task button at the top or bottom of the workflow.
  2. Enter a task name
  3. Enter a task owner(s) (Optional)
  4. Enter a smart deadline (Optional)
  5. Drag and drop the task to the correct position within the workflow
  6. Click Save Changes

Steps to delete a task:

  1. Click the trash can icon
  2. Click Save Changes

Steps to edit a task:

  1. Click the edit button (pencil)
  2. Change the task name if needed
  3. Change the owner if needed
  4. Change the smart deadline if needed
  5. Click Save Changes
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