Creating a Wordpress Custom Post

If you want to post to one of your custom pages on Wordpress, you will need to create a separate content type in Kapost for these posts.  

First, create a content type the way you normally would, but with two important differences:

1.  The field name in this content type must match the last part of the URL of the custom page as it appears in the admin of your WP instance.  For instance, if we want to write posts that post directly to the custom page "Stormtroopers" on our WP instance, we copy the last part of the URL for this post type in WP

and paste it into the section for the Field Name in your content type.  Please note, it must be copied EXACTLY and is case sensitive.

 2.  The primary destination must be your WordPress blog - you don't need to do anything to the destination, the Field Name will make sure your post gets to the right page!

Once this is done, all posts created with this content type will automatically post to your custom page when you click "Publish."  If you have any questions or feedback about this, feel free to write us at support at kapost dot com.

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