Org Members Page Overview

The Org Members page enables management of all instance members in one place. Click the Members icon on the top navigation bar to get to the members page. 

Each member is represented on a line in the list view of the Members page. Each column description is below:

  • Member: Member profile name. If they have not edited their profile name it will be their email address. 
  • Instances: All Kapost child instances the member is a part of.
  • Role(s): Member role assigned to that member.
  • Last Activity: # of days ago that they previously logged into one of the instances they are a part of.

Filter & Search for Members:

Use the Search box to search for a particular member. Filter Instance or Role to narrow your search further.

Invite Members:

Click the Add Members button.

  • Choose the appropriate member role and enter an email address.
  • Invite multiple members using a comma to separate email addresses.
  • Customize the Subject Line and Personal Message if you wish.


Managing individual members:

Once a member has accepted their invite, you can manage their membership. To do this, check the box next to the member you'd like to manage and go to the Membership Actions menu and select Manage Instance Membership.

Check the All Instances box to make them an Org Member. Org members have access to all instances including the Org. 

Note: It is impossible to be both an Org member and a member on only select child instances. 

Check the Selected Instances box to choose which child instances the member can access. Use the dropdown menu next to the selected instance to choose the member role. Click Done when finished.

Exporting Members:

Unlike child instances, Org instances allow you to export members into a CSV file.

To do this, click on the CSV button at the top of the Org members page, and a CSV of your Org members will appear in your inbox.


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