Initiative Overview

You can create an initiative to organize all initiative assets. An initiative can contain an unlimited number of content assets. There is also no limit to the types of assets an initiative can contain. An Initiative is a container for content assets.

Initiative details include the following:

  • Selecting an initiative type will determine which workflow and which custom fields will be included when creating the initiative asset.
  • When an initiative is created an initiative type is specified, a title and description are entered, attachments are added, and custom field information is specified.
  • Once the initiative is created content assets can be added to the initiative.
  • Initiatives are initially created with a default initiative workflow established by your Kapost Admin.
  • Initiative workflows can be modified for each initiative.
  • Once an initiative is created it will display in the Initiative Catalog.
  • Initiative Views can be created to filter the display of initiative assets.
  • The display of the Initiative catalog defaults to table format but this format can be changed to a timeline format. Both table format and timeline format can be filtered to further refine the display of initiative information.

Displaying Initiatives in the Initiative Catalog

Selecting the Initiative icon will display all initiatives currently in the Kapost instance. Selecting an initiative from the Initiative Catalog will display all content assets belonging to the initiative.

See this article for How to create an initiative and this article for how to add content assets to an initiative. 


Initiative Filter and Export:

Similar to the Kapost content catalog, the initiative catalog allows you to customize views of your content. You can filter for the appropriate assets and change what columns are visible. You can also export catalog views to a CSV file. The export will ONLY include the columns that you have selected in your view!  

For more information on creating saved views click here.  Once your view is created you will be able to easily export it by clicking the “Export” button underneath the saved views dropdown:


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