Update Workflow Tasks

Your initiative and content workflows are driven by task assignees, deadlines, and other key details.  

  • While your initiative and content types are configured by Admins with templatized workflows, you can manually adjust workflows as needed. 

Click on the pencil icon on a workflow task to edit its details.  


Use the task details area to update its information in the workflow. Click Save when your updates are complete.  

  • Enter a task description to provide information about what the task accomplishes. 
  • Required tasks in content workflows can’t be updated with new names and descriptions. You can update a required task’s assignee(s) and deadline. 
  • Choose its assignee(s) who're responsible for completing it. Kapost will alert the assignee(s) when it's their turn to complete the task.  
  • Enter in a deadline for the task. A fixed deadline is a selected date and time. Smart deadlines are anchored to another workflow task; read this article to learn about using smart deadlines.  
  • Some tasks are only marked as completed when certain actions are done, according to their Task rules 



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