Update Workflow Tasks

A workflow isn't complete without task assignees, deadlines, and other key details. While your content types in Kapost are configured with workflows, you can manually adjust workflow details as needed as you create your content. 

Click on the pencil icon on a task to edit its details. 


Use the task details area to update its information in the workflow. Click Save when your updates are complete. 

  • Enter a task description to provide information about what the task accomplishes.
  • Choose its assignee(s) who're responsible for completing it. Kapost will alert the assignee(s) when it's their turn to complete the task. 
  • Enter in a deadline for the task. A fixed deadline is a selected date and time. Smart deadlines are anchored to another workflow task; read this article to learn about using smart deadlines. 
  • Choose a Completed by action that determines what will mark the task as complete. 


Required tasks in content workflows can’t be updated with new names and descriptions. You can update a required task’s assignee(s) and deadline.

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