Smart Deadlines

This article is meant to give you a step by step walkthrough of how to use the Smart Deadlines functionality.  A smart deadline is a deadline that is dependent on another task - either to that task's own deadline or to its completion.  

It is possible to link a Smart Deadline to ANY task. In other words, any task can be relative to any other task.

Smart deadlines are established in two ways:

  •       Ad hoc in an individual content asset
  •       Within the workflow templates (found in Settings) of any content type by an admin

Smart Deadlines use business days (MondayFriday), instead of calendar days, when calculating a deadline. What does this really mean? It means that Smart Deadlines will not fall on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Smart Deadlines Dependent on Other Task Deadlines

If you know that your Submit Copy task will be due 1 day after your Write Content task deadline, click on the "edit" icon (pencil) next to the task and select "Smart".  

Using the fields, set the Submit Copy deadline to be 1 day after the deadline of Write Content.

Please Note:   You must add a deadline date to the task that the other tasks are relative to. Once you add that deadline, the smart deadlines will populate relative to that deadline date. 

If your Smart Deadline is set to another deadline, it will automatically populate with a date.  Here is what your workflow will look like:

If a ADMIN knows that Submit Content will ALWAYS to be due 1 day after the Write Content Deadline, they can go to into settings and modify the default workflow with smart deadlines. See HERE for this process. Once you save smart deadlines in settings they will automatically populate in your workflow when you create new content. 

Smart Deadlines Dependent on Other Task Completion

There are times when you don't know when a task will be complete, but you do know that another task depends on it.  In this case, you would calibrate your Smart Deadline to task completion instead of deadline.  For instance, say a user doesn't know when the "Add Images" task will be complete, but does know that as soon as it's done, an Admin needs to approve your content so it can be submitted.  The thing to do would be to assign the "Admin Approval" task a smart deadline linked to the completion of the Add Images task - this way, the deadline for "Admin Approval" will be set as soon as "Add Images" is checked off.

To do this, click "Smart" on the "Admin Approval" task, and set it to 1 hour after completion of Add Images task.

This is what your workflow will look like before "Add Images" is complete:

This is what your workflow will look like after "Add Images" is complete - please note the date is set in "Admin Approval":

Note: You will not have the option to select C
ompletion from the drop down menu if Before is also selected. In other words, to make smart deadline relative to the completion of another task it must take place after the completion of that task.

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