Create a Content View


You can create a content view to filter the content assets that display in the content catalog. Your instance is configured with a default content view titled All Content. You use this content view as the source view for creating additional content views. The default content view, All Content, displays in the content view drop down menu.

Content views can be created by:

  • Searching content titles using key words
  • Filtering on tasks
  • Filtering on content details
  • Filtering on custom fields

Two icons are available for creating content views:

  • Filter icon
  • Column Selector icon

Once the criteria for the content view is established you can view the filtered listing of content assets and save the view.

  • You do not need to save a view if it is only needed on an ad hoc basis.
  • You can update an existing view you created.
  • You can create a new view by modifying an existing view you created and then specifying a new view name.


Filter Icon

Selecting the Filter icon expands the content catalog to display the options used to create a content view. To close this area select the X in the top right corner of the area.

By default the Active menu option is selected. The Active menu option displays all filtering categories:

  • Search
  • Tasks
  • Content Details
  • Custom Fields

The Active Filters area to the right of the Active menu will display “None” until a filter is created.

The Active Filters area will display a filter icon once you select an item for filtering from the Active menu.

Filter by any criteria then save the view.

Steps to save the content view:

1. Select the content view drop down menu field.

2. Replace the label Unsaved View with the desired name for the content view. Content view names can contain letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces.

3. Select the option Share view with everyone if desired.

Note that the symbol indicates a shared view. Only users with admin or editor privileges have the ability to share views.

4. Select the Create button.

Note the following:

  • If you are the creator of the view being modified you’ll see an Update button instead of the Create button.
  • Update allows you to modify a content view you’ve created.
  • To create a new view from a modified existing view you can enter a new name and click update.
  • Entering a new name and clicking update will result in a new content view being created.

Observe the following:

  • The saved content view name will display in the content view drop down menu.
  • The Active Filters area will list the filters for the active content view.

Deleting a Content View or Content View Filter

You can delete any content view. Deleting a content view from the content view drop down menu will remove the view from the entire instance. You cannot delete or modify the All Content view.

Steps to delete a content view:

1. From the content view drop down menu select the close symbol (X) to the right of the filter name in the list.

Steps to delete a filter from a content view:

1. From the Active Filters area select the close symbol (X) to the right of the filter name. Note: Selecting the content filter from the Active Filters area will not remove the content view from the content view drop down menu.

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