Add Content to Gallery From Studio

In order for content to be available in Gallery, it must be added to Gallery from Studio. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Add individual pieces of conent
  2. Add content in bulk

Steps to add content to the Gallery individually:

1. Navigate to the completed content asset in Studio.


2. In the content details view, scroll to the bottom of the page and expand the Gallery section.


3. Complete the information in this section and select which Collection(s) to add the content to. 

4. Click on the View In Gallery link to navigate to the Gallery Details page.



Steps to add content to Gallery in bulk:

1. Navigate to your Content Catalog in Studio by clicking on the pencil icon in your left navigation bar. 


2. Since only completed content should be added to Gallery, use the Stages menu to select Complete to view completed content.


3. Click the checkbox on the pieces of content you'd like to add in bulk to Gallery. From the More drop-down menu, choose Add to Gallery.


Once you click Add to Gallery, a modal will appear confirming that this bulk action is starting.


Note that adding content to Gallery will only make it available in Gallery. An Admin or Editor must organize the content into collections then share it via collection groups for it to be consumed. Learn how to do this here



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