Video Tutorial: Using Saved Views

What Is This Feature?

Kaposters can create and save customizable searches and control who else has access to these saved views. You can create a saved view and choose to share it only with certain team members or groups, and you can decide to grant access to view, edit, or own a particular saved view by managing access to it.

How It Helps

Saved Views allows you to quickly and easily navigate the content, initiatives, and calendar options that exist in Kapost to find just what you care about without having to search or filter each time you navigate to those pages. You can still search and filter through all the content in your instance when you need to.

How It Works

In this short tutorial, Eric Carlson, director of product at Kapost, walks you through how to use the latest Saved Views system:


Best Practices

  • Favoriting and color coding is a powerful way to organize your saved views to group similar ones together.
  • Keeping task names consistent: Keeping your task names consistent will enable you to easily create calendar views that represent that step in the workflow. 
  • Video tutorial: Learn additional ways that Saved Views can help you manage initiatives, campaigns, and more in Kapost. 


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