All Users Start Here: All Resources Needed To Become A Kapost Expert

Are you a new user of Kapost? This page will get you started on all of the resources and documentation you need to kickstart your learning and become a Kapost expert. 

Getting Started with Kapost Webinar: The first thing you should do (after accepting your Kapost login invite, of course) is to sign up for our live, Getting Started with Kapost Webinar. You can sign-up for all training webinars at here and if a date or time doesn't work for you, we have them pre-recorded here

Videos: Interested in watching small, digestible videos of how Kapost works? Visit the videos page and you can start by watching these four core getting started videos: creating the perfect profile, how to setup your own personal saved view, how to @ mention colleagues in Kapost in reference to the content you're creating, and how to manage your workflow tasks

Getting Started Guides

Curious about homework or first steps in the Kapost platform? Whether you're looking for Full Suite guidance, planner guidance, or just for Gallery we've got you covered with these handy guides below.

Full Suite New User Getting Started Guide

Full Suite Gallery Admin Getting Started Guide

Kapost Help Center | Help.Kapost.Com

The Knowledge Base: holds our knowledge base that includes hundreds of how-to articles for every feature and functionality in Kapost. We suggest you begin to leverage our knowledge base if you have specific questions around how-to or technical documentation. Try the search to uncover what you're looking for.

Kapost Community: The Kapost Community is part of our help center where you can learn about product functionality that has been released, talk to other customers (ask questions and/or advise a fellow Kaposter), ask questions, and learn about best practices from Kapost employees themselves. 

Kapost Support Team: Although you have an appointed Admin of your Kapost instance, which we suggest you work with first if you have any Kapost questions, our Kapost Support team is available to answer any issues, errors, or bugs you might be encountering in Kapost. To help our Support team better assist you, refer to this document that outlines how to submit a support ticket and log into the self service portal (this allows you to see all your cases overtime and their progress). You can submit a support ticket here

Glossary of Kapost TermsCurious about the nomenclature in Kapost? Refer to our Glossary of Kapost Terms to be sure you're savvy in terms of naming conventions.  

Best In Class Marketing: Marketeer.Kapost.Com

The Kapost Blog - Content Marketeer:  Not only do we care about best practices when it comes to Kapost, but also when it comes to marketing. On our Content Marketeer blog, you will find resources from b2b marketing thought leaders not only on our marketing team, but from across the world. Whether you're looking for tips on running lead generation campaigns, to sourcing influencers, to gaining more traffic - we've got you covered. 

Thanks for being here and welcome to Kapost! We look forward to working together and making your marketing activity even more optimized and stronger.

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