New Kaposters Start Here: Resources Needed To Become A Kapost Expert

Are you new to using Kapost? This page will get you started on all of the resources to kickstart your learning and path to becoming a Kapost expert. 


Kapost Help Center |

The Kapost Help Center is home to Kapost's product updates and help articles to enable you to use the full Kapost platform. 


Getting Started: Looking for info about your first steps in Kapost? Dive into the Help Center's Getting Started section to find resources for new Kaposters. 

"Getting Started with Kapost" Webinar: After you accept your Kapost login invite, watch this on-demand "Getting Started with Kapost" webinar. See a schedule of other upcoming webinars here.

Video Tutorials: This section of Kapost's Help Center is where you'll find tutorial videos about the Kapost platform, across Canvas, Studio, Gallery, and Insights. 

Knowledge Base: The Knowledge Base is the largest section in Kapost's Help Center. It's full of how-to articles for features and functionalities in Kapost that you can leverage when you need product documentation or are looking for answers to questions about using the Kapost platform. 2019-04-22_15.11.09.gif


Kapost Support Team 

Along with your Kapost Admin (a.k.a., your organization's Kapost guru), the Kapost Support Team is available to answer any questions you have about Kapost, and can help out if you ever run into a bug. You can submit a support ticket here or email us at


Kapost's Blog |


Kapost's blog is your go-to blog for all things content operations. We publish articles by our own marketing team and others here at Kapost, industry leaders, and our amazing customers. Subscribe to our blog and get a weekly newsletter in your inbox with fresh stories and insights!


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