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This article contains some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our LinkedIn integration.  


When I try to integrate Kapost with LinkedIn, it automatically integrates with my personal account instead of the account my company wants me to integrate with. How do I fix this?

Kapost is set up to integrate with whatever LinkedIn account you are currently logged in on.  To prevent this from happening, make sure you are completely logged out of your personal LinkedIn account before integrating with Kapost.  One way to make absolutely sure you aren't logged into LinkedIn is to set up the integration while using an incognito or private browser window.


When I try to publish/promote to LinkedIn, I get an error saying that there are no compatible connected sites found, even though I have integrated with LinkedIn. How do I fix this?

LinkedIn requires users who integrate to change their password every 60 days.  If your password expires, your integration is disconnected from Kapost.  If you go to the App Center and reconnect it, it should start working again.

Kapost doesn’t support publishing videos to LinkedIn via the Kapost API.


Why did my edited LinkedIn post appear twice on my LinkedIn page?

LinkedIn does not allow users to edit content after it's been published - any revised posts will be published as a new post.


I'm using LinkedIn Targeting, but when I publish, it fails.  How do I fix this?

LinkedIn has a 100 user minimum for Targeting. If your targeting pool has less than 100 users, the post will fail.  You can read more about LinkedIn Targeting here.


When I republished my LinkedIn post, why did it appear twice?

Please note, if you wish to republish your post, it will appear as a second post on your instance, not as an update to the original post.


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