All Resources Needed: Wordpress

This article will connect you to all of the help articles we have to aid you in setting up and using your Wordpress integration.  

Summaries and links to all Kapost Wordpress Articles

Before you begin, you need to download the Kapost Wordpress plugin.  You can learn more about what it does and how to download here. 

Once you've downloaded the plugin, you can integrate with Wordpress.  Learn to integrate with Wordpress here.

Don't forget to assign Wordpress as a Primary Publishing Destination for all relevant content types. Learn how to do this here

During the integration, you may see an option to to create a custom endpoint.  Most users don't need to create a custom endpoint - this is for users who want an extra layer of security between their Wordpress instance and Kapost.  However, if you do, here is an article explaining how to do so.

Once you've integrated with Wordpress, there are a few ways you can customize your integration:

  • Many use different formats in Wordpress depending on what they're posting.  You can specify that directly in Kapost. Here is an article showing you how.
  • It is possible to use custom post types. Learn how to set up Kapost to do this here.
  • It is possible to publish to a page inside Wordpress. Learn how to do this here.
  • If you wish to publish all of your Wordpress posts as JSON objects, learn how to do that here.

If you use custom fields on you Wordpress instance, Kapost can most likely be set up to send the custom fields information to Wordpress with your post when Publish. Learn more about the kinds of custom fields that Kapost integrates with here

If you use SEO plugins in Wordpress, you can integrate many of them in Kapost as well.  See what your options are here.

Once you are ready to take a look at your post, you can preview it on Wordpress.  Learn how to do that here.

Occasionally, you could run into an error when you publish to Wordpress.  Here is how to decode some of the more common ones. 

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