Why Change Field Tags in Bulk?

You can now change field tags in bulk! Field tags are any of the values you are tagging content with. This includes your custom fields or metadata as well as system fields like initiatives and personas.

This help article outlines all the details

Wait Back Up.... Why do I care about tags?

Glad you asked!  Making sure your content is associated with the right custom data that's unique to your business as well as standard fields such as personas, buying stages, and initiatives makes sure you can:

  1. Make sure your teams can surface content appropriately in the Gallery
  2. Report on your content effectively
  3. Find content for content management as well as re-purposing


So How Should I Use This Feature?

Great Question!  There are a few ways to use this feature but here's a good place to start:

  1. In the Content Catalog, create a saved view that allows you to see your content with the data points you want to verify.  Just add columns for each of the fields.  Forget how to set up a kick-butt saved view?  Click here.
  2. Now that you can view the data, identify any content where a tag needs to be adjusted.  Click the boxes next to each asset that needs a particular tag.
  3. Under Bulk Actions choose Add Field Tags and adjust the data as appropriate. 

Don't forget to reference our help article for all the ins and outs.


What Other Amazing Things Are Easy to Miss?

You can now filter for content that is MISSING a tag!  We've heard this request over and over.  In the Gallery, you can now choose a filter and select "none" to identify content where there is no tag available and as always all updates apply in Studio as well. 

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