December Studio Updates

We feel pretty lucky around here to get such phenomenal feedback from our customers. After distilling much of this feedback, the Kapost team has been busy with another set of frequently requested updates to Kapost Studio.    

Most Important Studio Updates

  • Additional Google Drive File Types Now Supported
    • Our Google Drive Integration will now allow you to show Google Slides and Google Sheets in addition to Google Docs.  
  • Localization Initiative Update
    • Previously, Kapost would create an initiative each time an asset was localized. Moving forward, only one initiative is created even if the asset is localized more than one time.  This enables your local teams to discover assets and click to localize while keeping all the localized assets organized in one initiative.  Having all your assets in one initiative allows you to pull metrics on how many times the asset was localized and how it performed in aggregate.  Keep in mind that assets can live in more than one initiative so localized assets can also be associated with strategic initiatives for local or regional teams.  

  Updates for Admins and Daily Users

  • Ability to Reassign Work
    • It's now possible to reassign all planned or in-progress tasks from one user to another within the member's page. Content, initiatives, and tasks in workflow templates will also be updated.  This enables you to move tasks as a member of your team leaves your company or moves to a different team.  To move a member's tasks to a new member:
      • Click into the members tool from the top toolbar of Kapost
      • Locate the member that you'd like to move tasks from and check the box next to their name
      • Choose ReassignInitiatives, Content and Tasks from the Membership Actions menu at the top of the members grid.
      • Select the new member you'd like to inherit the tasks
      • Click Save
  • Initiative Type Filter
    • Initiative Type can now be selected as a filter within the Calendar
  • Updated Kapost Cloud URLs
    • Now when publishing to the Kapost Cloud, the URLs generated will be more user-friendly.
  • Content Operations Vision Charter Document:
    • Your CSM will now be able to add a customized Content Operations Vision Charter document to your instance that can be accessed from the top nav menu. This document is a product of specific consulting services.


Wondering what a Content Operations Vision Charter is? See below:


  Updates for Detail-Oriented Kapost Geeks

  • Publish Message Update:
    • When content with no publishing destination configured is published, we now display a message that doesn't link users to the App Center to reduce confusion

  Updates Only Employees of Kapost Care About

  • Training Instance Flag: 
    • Sometimes we provide Sandbox or Training Kapost instances for customers.  We'll now add a banner to the top nav in these instances that communicates it's for exclusively for training/testing purposes  
  • Change Tags to CMS Tags:
    • With so many different kinds of tags in Kapost, we have made a small update to make it easier to differentiate these tags, renaming tags that are specifically used for publishing to CMS platforms to CMS tags instead of just tags
  • Email Invite Update:
    • When inviting a new member to Kapost, the default language has been updated
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