Completed On/Published Metric Change


In order to simplify reporting along with improving Custom Reports data, our team has made changes to the metric "Completed On/Published."

How was Completed On/Published calculated previously?

Previously this date was recorded when the published button was clicked OR when all tasks were checked off—even if the content never was published.

How will this metric be calculated now?

There will now be two separate metrics available in Custom Reports:

1.  Completed Date: This will be the date content moves into the completed stage

2.  Published Date:  This will be determined according to when the someone manually clicks the published button or when content is sent to a third party platform for publishing, e.g., Drupal, Wordpress, or YouTube. If a "Publish" workflow step is checked off without hitting the publish button, this will not trigger a determined "Published Date." 


What will happen to my custom reports that include this metric today?

Any reports that currently use the metric Completed On/Published will be migrated to the Completed Date metric.  

What other resources do you have available to help if I'm concerned about this change?

If you have assets that are set to In Progress but have a publish date, our team can migrate them to have a Completed Date that is the same as the Published Date upon request. If you have any concerns at all, please contact your Customer Success Manager.  





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