New Initiative Search for Canvas 2018

Have you ever struggled to find the initiatives you're looking for in Canvas? Now it's easier than ever to search for initiatives to add to your Canvas charts. Here are a few things you can get excited about:

  • Default searches - we've added a couple out of the box searches you can utilize. These include searches for initiatives you own, along with initiatives that are in-progress.
  • Advanced search options - you'll be able to narrow down initiative results by criteria that makes sense to you. This may include searching for initiatives that fall within a specific time range, that also belong to a certain owner, or align to a specific theme.
  • Saved searches - we'll save your most recent 5 searches, making it easier to apply the same criteria you've used before to see if any new initiatives match.
  • Add all - You no longer have to select each individual initiative to add to your chart, now you'll be able to add all initiatives in one single click.

For more information please click here.  

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