Filters on Saved Boards

Filters are available on charts that exist within Saved Boards within the Insights App.  They allow you to narrow down subsets of data within a selected chart.  Filters can be added to charts on a Saved Board by members with permission to edit that board. For more information on Saved Boards please see the help article Saved Boards.

Chart Parameters

If filters populate outside of the noted filters section that means a chart requires certain data in order to exist. These chart parameters are different from filters because they affect what data is being measured within the chart whereas filters are used to filter data on a more granular level. In the example below the chart "Strategy Coverage" is being filtered by Content State. Under that filter you can define the X & Y Axis and Breakdown. 

Adding Filters

To add filters to a particular chart, navigate to that chart's edit panel sidebar.  The edit panel can be accessed in two ways:

The first way is by navigating to a Saved Board's edit view by clicking the Edit button on the Saved Board


- or by clicking on the Edit icon on the Saved Board within the Saved Board landing page


The second way to access the edit panel is to click directly on the edit icon on a chart within the Saved Board view and the Edit Panel will populate. 


Once you have navigated to a chart's edit panel, click on the "Add a filter" button located in the Filters section. 

A modal will appear with a selection of filters that will depend on the chart type you are adding.  These are the filters you can expect to see for each chart type.

         Content Chart Filters                                                                        Initiative Chart Filters


Once you've selected the filters you want to apply to your chart, select the green "Apply Filters" button and filters will be applied to the chart immediately. 

If no data can be returned due to the specified filters, you will receive an error message like the following example:

Editing filters

After you've added filters using the "Add a Filter" modal, they will appear in tiles within the filters section of the Edit Panel.  You can see how many filters you have applied by looking at the pill counter at the top of the section.

To edit the filter, click the pencil icon on the tile.  This will re-open the "Add a Filter" modal with the filter you've selected. 

To delete the filter, click the X icon and the filters will be removed from the chart.


Copying Filters

Using "Copy Filters" will give you an easy way to take the filters applied to a chart and copy them to other charts on that Saved Board.  Please note, you can only copy filters to charts within the same chart type.  For example, you cannot copy filters from a Content chart to an Initiative chart.

To copy filters, click the "Copy Filters" button in the Filters section of the Edit Panel.

This will open a modal displaying all charts within the board that are within the same chart type.  The chart you are copying from will display as disabled in the modal. Select all charts you wish to apply the copied filters to — they will be applied immediately when you click "copy filters." Please note that when you copy filters to another chart, they will override any pre-existing filters on that chart.

Pro tip: If many charts on a board will have the same filters — for example, this board contains charts for the same team or same date range— set your filters on the first chart and then copy to the rest to the remaining charts for quick filtering.

Viewing Filters within a Saved Board

When viewing a chart on a board, if a filter is applied to a chart, users are able to see a read-only version of the filters that were applied to that chart. Users can see this by navigating to the chart in question and clicking "View Filters," which is located below the title of a chart.  If no filters have been applied, that button will not be available.

A modal will appear that contains a list of the applied filters and the values selected for each. 


Please note, if you download a chart, these applied filters will not be included. 


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