Insights Event API: Gallery Data

What Is This Feature?

Kapost enables you to access Gallery insights via the Insights Event API and use that data externally from the Kapost system.

The Insights Event API exposes data related to content being viewed, shared, and downloaded in Gallery. Using the Collection API in conjunction with the Insights Event API will allow you to look at Gallery usage by collection.   

You can use Gallery data with a BI tool or access it through a simple export.

How It Helps

Gallery data can be exposed via the Insights Event API for strategic insights and analytics around how your organization uses Gallery content. Use the API to get ahold of data to tell you who did what in Gallery. 

Best Practices

  • Use the API to gather comparative stats around how content performs in different collections: Perhaps your eBook in Collection A is shared 15 times, but in Collection B it’s only shared 5 times. You can use the Insights Event API and Collections API’s data to then glean insights into how Collections, and content within certain Collections, is being used by your teams.
  • Enterprises can pull Gallery data into a BI tool to manipulate it to generate insights, like which collection has the most shares within your organization.

 How It Works

Find the Gallery data within the Insights Event API endpoints in Kapost's Developer Documentation.

Use the Insights Event API to fetch event data on Gallery content and data that identifies which users perform certain actions in Gallery. You can use start- and end-date parameters to further select the subset of data you’d like to pull.

You can expand the Gallery actions data by fetching Content and Users corresponding to the `content_id` and `user_id` from their respective APIs.

Find more information on the Kapost API here.

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