Prefill Custom Fields on Content in Studio (Beta)

What Is This Feature?

*Prefill Custom Fields on content (a.k.a., Team Default Tags) is currently in beta. Please reach out to your Kapost CSM if you would like to use this feature.

Prefill Custom Fields on content enable you and your teams to quickly fill out custom fields on content. They’re set up by your Admin(s) so they’re ready and easy to apply when you’re responsible for tagging content.

How It Helps

Prefill Custom Fields take the guesswork out of putting the right custom field values on content, so you can be sure your tags are always accurate.

Best Practices

  • Some Prefill Custom Fields set up by your Admin won’t have every custom field applied. Make sure you confirm that all applicable tags are applied to the content you’re working on. If you’re not sure you can @-mention your project lead or Admin in the activity feed.
  • Apply the correct Prefill Custom Field when you create content and begin with your content tags already filled in. Admins can configure a prefill to be applied as the default setting so it’s even easier to get started creating content.

How It Works

If you’re creating new content and the selected content type has Prefill Custom Fields configured, you’ll see an additional drop-down menu to select the default tags to apply on the content.


The prefilled field will be applied when the content is created, filling out the Custom Fields section for you. Those custom field values can be manually changed later as needed.  


When you’re working on content in Studio, if Prefill Custom Fields are set up, a single selection from the Apply Prefills drop-down menu will fill out all custom fields accurately with a single click.

This menu is located at the top of the body of content. This menu will include the Prefill Custom Fields options that your Admin has configured for the content type you’re working on.


You can also apply Prefill Custom Fields to existing content in Studio.

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