Add a Custom Link to your Top Navigation Bar

What Is This Feature?

Admins can add one custom link to your Kapost instance to set up a link to a key external site or resource. Your custom link will be added to your top navigation bar where all your instance members can access it.


How It Helps

Set up a custom link that provides your team members with a direct link to an external resource that's important to your content operation. The link lets your teams navigate to your organization's crucial information from Kapost, like a brand asset or an internal tool.

Best Practices

  • Think about a resource or site that will be valuable to all the teams in your Kapost instance. For example, at Kapost our custom link is for our internal style guide that, among other things, is an overview of our taxonomy and helps us choose the right custom fields to complete on content types. 
  • Some Kaposters set up a custom link to an internal help site to provide their instance members with a fast way to find answers to their questions or contact their support team. 

How It Works

Find the custom link option in your General settings area at the very bottom of this page.

Create your custom link in four quick steps:

  1. Check the checkbox for Enable custom link
  2. Give your custom link a name
  3. Enter in the URL for where you want the custom link to link to
  4. Click the blue Save Changes button to save your new custom link


Your custom link will be visible to all your instance's members in the top navigation bar. This link will open a new tab in your browser.


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