Status items - Planned/In Progress/Completed - Customize how it is setup based on workflow and disable buttons for contributors

Right now, the Planned/In Progress/Completed buttons can change based on someone clicking on them or based on the first and last step being checked in the workflow.

We would like to link the completion of each phase to specific workflow items (multiple items).

And have them not be buttons/clickable/selectable/links for contributors.


Our business need:

Contributors will sometimes finish their step and then select the "Completed" button. We aren't aware until later and think that something was published when it wasn't.

Or someone will accidentally click on another step when they shouldn't.



As an administrator, I want to define the workflow process and connect those steps to how we define Planned/In Progress/Completed (and set multiple steps in the workflow as required to complete for the next phase to be selected) so that we can more accurately track where our articles/content are in the process. 


As a contributor, I want to be able to check off my step in the workflow and not use the Planned/In Progress/Completed - that is a display only for me. 

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