Assign Content when Created using Initiative Templates

Our team uses Initiative Templates to create multiple pieces of content at once when starting an Initiative and it's very handy! However, when those pieces of content are created they are not automatically assigned to the owner, as they would be if they were created individually.

We'd like them to be automatically assigned to the owner when created using a template. It's a hassle for the creator to have to open each one individually (they can't even bulk assign owners from the initiative view (will submit separate feature request for that).

This didn't use to be a big issue until the "You can't delete unless you are the owner or admin" rule was put into place. If a user uses the Initiative Template to create 10 pieces of content but decides they don't need 4 of them they cannot bulk delete them, they have to go into each one and first assign it to themselves and then delete.

Thanks for listening! :)



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