Integrate the "Unfollow" button and the "Notify me via email for new discussions" check box

I get lots of email from Kapost, and I know you've been working to make this more manageable.

One thing that's confused me in the past is the fact that I've often continued to receive emails about specific content items even after clicking the "Unfollow" button above the Task list.

I just realized that there is a separate text box below the Task list that reads "Notify me via email for new discussions." I just unchecked the check box and I'm no longer receiving these emails for this content item. Good!

I recommend integrating the UI for these two very similar functions. I'd place them near one another I'd try to mirror how they work (maybe make them both buttons or both check boxes?). This will hopefully help people avoid continuing to receive emails even after clicking "Unfollow," and thus allow them to view Kapost emails as more relevant.

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