Segmenting Insights by User Role

We have designated our Consumer user licenses to our sales team with the goal to see key metrics and actions the group takes with our Gallery content. It would be extremely helpful to add another layer to Insights, where you can segment by user role. For example, by CMO and CEO want to see the top Gallery sharers or downloaders for Consumer users only (the rest of our users are on the marketing team, and they only want to see our sales team's interaction with content).

Digging a little deeper, it's be great to see what buying stage content individual Consumers (i.e. Rachel, Jim, or John rather than the group "Consumers") are downloading or sharing from the Gallery. This would help us because it would inform the content we develop in the future, and we'll be able to see where sales team training opportunities may lie - i.e. if a salesperson mainly shares early buying stage content, when we want them to instead by sharing mainly late buying stage content.


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