Canvas Views by Custom Field

We’d like to see a view in Canvas that brings in the initiatives organized by Custom Field. For example, we created a Custom Field for "Strategic Goal" and thought we would then be able to see in Canvas Initiatives organized by certain Strategic Goals and the Content associated within that Initiative. 

When we tested this though, it doesn't show what Content makes up that initiative because the content itself is not tagged with that custom field (we don't want it to be, especially since we cannot bulk tag the content within an initiative). We'd like to be able to see, in one view, what Initiatives align with what Strategic Goals and also what Content is supporting those Initiatives.

Maybe it doesn't have to be a Canvas view specifically, but the Initiative View doesn't currently allow you to see this either. I can filter an Initiative View by Strategic Goal, but then have to click into each one separately to display the associated Content.

Users are requesting this when they are sharing Marketing Plans with their managers (who are also Kapost users) but also handy for sharing with users outside of Kapost. 

Thanks for all the great enhancements and for considering this request!


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