Communicate Content Status like a rockstar using Kapost!

Being a marketer isn’t always easy, but Kapost is here to help simplify with saved views.

Why are saved views so important? Well, how many times a day are you asked to update various stakeholders on the status of your content? Have you ever stumbled to answer those questions? Or had to look through hundreds of emails to refresh your memory?

Using Kapost can make these meetings a breeze, freeing up your time to focus on creating awesome content—not tracking confusing workflows. To create the right saved view for your content, follow these steps:


1.  Navigate to the content catalog on the left hand side of your screen in Studio.


2.  Using the filters, locate the content you are responsible. Remember you can combine more than one search item to locate the appropriate set of content. Some ways you may search:

  • Content Assignee  
  • A series of initiatives you are responsible for
  • A type kind of content like blog posts
  • A particular product line you are responsible for
  • Any other data that’s specific to your company

2.  Once you locate the content, you’ll need to display the content metadata that you need to communicate. Choose the column tab selector and add the correct columns. Consider:

  1. Next Task
  2. Next Task Deadline (Note: this will show as red if it’s overdue.)
  3. Specific task deadlines such as publish deadline or design deadlines
  4. Owner
  5. Any other data you uniquely capture at your company


3.  Now make sure to save this view! This means you can access it quickly and easily anytime you’re asked about the status of content.

Now that you have a killer view setup, you can walk into your next status meeting with confidence!


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