Product Feedback Guidelines

Welcome to the Product Feedback area of the Kapost Community. Here at Kapost we love hearing your feedback. Please follow these guidelines as you submit your feedback.

Take a moment to search before you post

If you have a request, please look through the existing posts to see if the request has already been made. There's a good chance we're already talking about the idea, or another customer has made the same suggestion.

Vote for suggestions you like

The votes do matter. So if you see a suggestion that would help improve life in your Kapost instance, take time to vote for it.

Provide details in your comment or post

If you find a post that matches your request, add a comment with details about your situation or use case. If you don't find a post that matches your idea, go ahead and create your own.

When commenting or posting, please consider these questions so we can get a better idea of the problem you're facing:

  • What is the issue you’re struggling with? What’s the roadblock that’s making it difficult to do what you need to do? What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Where in your workflow do you encounter this issue?  What are you doing and where in the process are you struggling?
  • Is this something that impacts just you or your whole team?

It's much easier for us to address a suggestion if we clearly understand the context of the issue, the problem, and why it matters to you.

Rest assured we will read your post

We read all of the feedback that comes through this forum. We take feedback seriously; it's driven many of the changes and improvements to Kapost over the years, and we believe it’s a vital part of making Kapost better.

Although we can't promise every request enters our roadmap, we are committed to listening to your feedback.

Thank you for reading this and for understanding how we address suggestions. We value all feedback and we're happy to have a place to engage in these conversations.

-- The Kapost Product Management Team



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