Sync publish and workflow task (deploy) dates

I set a "deploy" date as the final task in my production workflow for LinkedIn, Twitter and blog posts. This date is used in the calendar to help us manage when things go live. It is the date/time that corresponds to when it publishes (LinkedIn and Twitter are generally pushed through Kapost, blog posts are not).

When I use the schedule feature for LinkedIn and Twitter posts, the default is automatically set to "immediately" and I need to edit to set a future date.

1) Can the smart "deploy" date and time be synced to the publish button so what I include as the deploy date/time is the default when I go in to the publish feature to schedule? (with the option to do immediate or schedule different time if needed). 

2) Conversely, if I have set the deploy date to today at 1 pm, but end up using the publish feature to publish immediately or scheduled for 11 AM insteast, can the deploy feature up date the date/time that the post actually went out so that the calendar view is correct?

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