Delete Content along with Initiative - Rachel Egan - 2/3/16

It would be great if there was an option to "Delete all Content along with Initiative" when removing an initiative. Currently, If I go in and delete an initiative, I still have to go in and delete all content associated with that initiative. It would be great if there was some sort of checkbox I could select to "delete all content" along with the initiative.

For example, if I am running an initiative that has 11 content types associated with it (emails, blogs, etc.) but the initiative got canceled, so I deleted the initiative. Logically, that means that the blogs will not be posted and the emails will not go out because the initiative is not happening.

The way things are set up now, I need to delete the initiative, THEN go in and delete each piece of content. It feels like there's one field that could be created that would a) be super easy to use and b) save a bit of time when managing initiatives and their associated content.




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