Custom Calendar Colors

Be able to change and customize the colors of the items in the calendar...  In other words, I would like the color of the entries to match the content type (eg  see image below:
Example: I would like my metals articles be the greenish color, so the icon next to the name of the article AND the now-purple bar would be greenish color.  The reasons:  

1.  at a quick glance I will know if I have any empty dates for articles, and if so, which topic.... Although I can do that with the separate colors right now, having different colors per topic (ie Metals = greenish, plus purple) is confusing to the eye.

2.  All my blogs and social media accounts are color coded per topic -- so my Hootsuite twitter/FB accounts (and inhouse documents) for my Metals posts are that greenish color.  Keeping Kapost and social media accounts consistent re the same color per topic (industry) helps give a quick review of where I am lacking in posts.

This is important for someone who manages several blogs/content topics.


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