Add Event Run Dates to All Body Types


With so much content being produced and published it can get CRAZY keeping track of it all. Currently, all of our workflows include a "Send or Go Live Date" task so that we can maintain a comprehensive MarCom calendar of when our content goes live. 

But some of our content runs for more than one day and it's critical to keep track of the run dates (one of our channels in particular must always have 5 pieces of content running or it auto recycles old material... lovely software flaw). Currently, the event body type is the only way to have access to Start and End Times that appear super nicely on Kapost calendars as a continuous bar. It would be ideal to have start/end times on any body type (the upload any file one for our instance in particular). 


Our current work around is very time consuming. Users create the content asset needed (a Graphic, in this case for our TV's in our buildings, content type for example) so that they have access to an any file body type and then create a second content asset (a Flatscreen content type with an event body) so they have access to start/end dates to keep our calendars functioning. I won't lie, it's the worst. 

Adding start/end dates to additional body types would make a HUGE difference on our team and bring joy to every single team member. 



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