Custom Field "Background Text" or description

It would be incredibly useful if there was a way to enter "background text" (I'm sure there's a more official term for it) to custom text-box fields. Currently the box displays the name of custom fields. 

It would be great if we had a way to enter specific text we want in the box that is cleared out as soon as the user clicks in it to type. Alternately, having a description in addition to the name for a custom field where we can provide instructions would work. Currently we put instructions/descriptions in the name and wind up with A. Really long names and B. A cramped intake form.


In this example you can see the two workarounds I'm currently testing. The Video Description field looks exactly like I would want it - except when a user clicks in the box, the text must be selected and deleted. The Video Type drop-down is our attempt to add instructions to a non-text box field.

If there's already a way to do this that I've missed, I'm all ears!

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